• Butterfly Weed Green Wisdom All-Heal Salve

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      Natural protection from the wear & tear of the elements. Soothes, smoothes & revitalizes irritated skin. For cuts & scrapes, cracked heels, even doggie paws. Canadian. 100 ml.

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    Butterfly Weed Green Wisdom All-Heal Salve Ingredients:

    Olive oil, Comfrey leaf, Burdock root, Chickweed oil, Plantain leaf, Chamomile flower, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Tea tree and Lavender essential oils.

    About ingredients in Green Wisdom All-Heal Salve:
    Lavender essential oil is very popular and widely used. It is calming, aids sleep and smells wonderful. 
    Beeswax is a natural wax made by bees to form their honeycombs. It is used in cosmetics as a natural emulsifier and thickener. Beeswax also forms a protective barrier on the skin, making it an excellent additive for lip and body balms.
    Plantain leaf is used as a vulnerary to heal wounds, cuts and scratches.

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